Jews Selling Drugs and Exporting Terrorism in Thailand!

This article proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the Israeli Mossad is operating within Thailand. It lays suspicion to various terrorist bombings throughout the country (both the Southern Islamic provinces) and the north that have been linked to the Israeli military intelligence, both directly and indirectly. Thai military intelligence for many years has been unable to determine where the “insurgency” turned popular resistance a few years ago by Muslims in the south were being directed and assisted by the Israeli Mossad. The situation turned ugly when a series of high powered sophisticated bombing explosions that were recorded on Camera were carried out and the authorities could not be able to track down the source of the terror to any local militias. The Mossad planted bombs in the North of the country as well in an effort to link it to the Southern part of the country.

17th January 2007



Sandy Berger, Mossad Team in Thailand, Khashoggi, Marc Rich
nuclear materials via China to Israel

BREAKING NEWS: Sandy Berger not only took NATO nuclear codes but he was involved with a Mossad team in Thailand transferring nuclear triggers and other sensitive nuclear information on NATO with the help of Adnan Khashoggi disguising these uranium and nuclear materials as textiles sending through China to Israel.

Treason of the highest proportion.

Financing Sandy Berger was Marc Rich, the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate fixer.

Attorney General Gonzales is covering all of this up for the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate.

It was then Vice President Al Gore Jr. who to have Marc Rich arrested in 1993 and was prevented from doing so by the Israeli Mossad and the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate that assassinated and then dumped Vince Foster in the park.  Foster was working with Ambassador Leo Wanta, then FBI Director William Sessions, French President Francois Mitterrand, General Vernon Walters and, of course, Vice President Albert Gore Jr.Since both the Clinton and Bush Families are in business together, there is NO Justice Department to bring charges of treason and espionage against Berger.

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