Israeli Army Engineers (Mercenaries) Blowing Up US Forces in Iraq

Nov.14, 2006

Back-Breaking News
w/ Tom Heneghan

Cloak News – Washington, D.C. – Zapata Engineering, an offshoot of Zapata Oil with offices in North Carolina, Hawaii and Tel Aviv, have now been linked to the hiring of private Mossad contractors aka alleged Israeli Engineers in Iraq. Of course that is not the real story.

It can now be reported that Zapata Engineering has hired these Israeli Mossad-types into Iraq for the purposes of alleged counter-insurgency.

However, the alleged Israeli engineers have now been fingered for sniping at U.S. Soldiers and the murder of two female American Marines who had their throats slit and then placed in garbage dumps.

These female Marines had been investigating the origins of the I.E.D. (Improvised Explosives Devices). And of course it gets worse. It can now be reported that the origin of the I.E.D.’s, come not from Iran, but come from Zapata Engineering of North Carolina, Hawaii and Tel Aviv.

And now of course, it really gets worse. The projectile’s discovered by American Special Forceshave depleted uranium tips which connects directly to the Israeli company Rafael, which of course is owned by Zapata Engineering of North Carolina, Hawaii and Tel Aviv.

The first subpoena issued by Senator Levin, Democrat of Michigan, should be for a General Richard Natonski who is the liaison for the alleged Israeli engineers brought into Iraq.

It is clear now that the deaths of various American soldiers and the murder of the female Marines was done by the Israeli Mossad in order to cover up their involvement in I.E.D. sales to alleged Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Reference: Rafael Company, Tel Aviv.

P.S. Zapata Engineering, of course, is an offshoot of Zapata Oil. The same Zapata linked to Daddy Bush, British Permindex and the Assassination ofPresident John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22. 1963.

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