Islamic Resistance is Strengthened in Iraq

Saturday, September 09, 2006

BREAKING: Iraqi Shiites Make a Turnabout, Join the Resistance 

Full Statement of Shiite Clans in English

The US invasion of Iraq has so far relied on Shiites and Kurds who either helped or offered no resistance. Both groups hoped to gain political influence after the fall of Saddam.

But after watching the Kurds recently lower the Iraqi flag as a sign of secession, the Southern Shiite clans of Iraq have decided to bear arms and join the resistance. They also demanded the return of Saddam to power.

The flag lowering also alienated many Kurds.

The Northern Iraqi clans and the clans of Baghdad had recently made a similar decision to join the resistance.

The Iraqi resistance, led by Saddam’s Baathists, had left the door open to both Kurds and Shiites for reconciliation.

The US forces now stand with their backs completely exposed. The Iraqi resistance has openly offered them safe withdrawal. They would be well-advised to accept the offer.

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