British Intelligence and Mossad caught attempting to blow up Toronto's downtown core

JUNE 6, 2006

Only France, the real ally of the American People for over 200 years, has been busting the real Al Qaeda (British-Yiddish mercenaries) over the last two years.

These ‘alleged’ Al Qaeda terrorists are linked to a worldwide narcotics trafficking racket linking Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, U.K. and the Rafi Eytan scripted Israeli Mossad to a massive cocaine and heroine trafficking operation.

It should be noted, that both Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom are monarchies.

The rogue U.S. Gary Best Group, along with British-Mossad Intelligence, scripted a phony war on terror to disguise their own narcotics trafficking linked to alleged Al Qaeda operatives.

This gang specializes in arresting patsies, a.k.a. Moussaoui and teenagers on the Internet. All designed to protect their Handlers and Drug-Lords that represent Gary Best Inc. a.k.a. British-Yiddish overseas.

Note: Urban Moving Systems was not under only FBI surveillance pre-9/11 but was under a major inquiry involving D.E.A. (Drug Enforcement Agency) which had fingered the Israeli Mossad for narcotics trafficking involving Al Qaeda.

Note: The recent bust of Israeli Mossad outside Toronto for engaging in fake passports and identifications can now be linked to a major Interpol investigation of narcotics trafficking involving elements which met at the Prince Hotel in Toronto, Canada on March 2006.

Summation: French and U.S. Patriotic intelligence agents, non-compromised, just busted a major plot to bomb Toronto, Canada. The aim of bombing Toronto by the British-Yiddish was to destroy relevant financial documents that still exist vis a vis the 9/11 Terror attack on New York City by the real culprits which include the Prince Hotel Box Gang with teenagers on the Internet now being used as patsies a.k.a. fall guys.

P.S. – Was the plan to bomb major financial institutions in downtown Toronto Canada just a replay of Oklahoma City when Jose Padilla a.k.a. John Doe #2 a.k.a. F.B.I. informant allegedly scripted the attack for the purpose of destroying documents linked to the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate.
Note: Major 9/11 financial records still exist in most of these skyscrapers in Toronto, Canada.

As an internet comrade of mine asked, The building next to Bay Street is the Scotia Bank head office. The Scotia Plaza is one of the many buildings in the downtown Toronto area where 911 financial records are being kept. Is it then a coincidence that this building is highlighted in this past weekends National Post(Canadian Newspaper) as having been a possible target of a terrorist strike in Toronto?

This just reminded me of something I came across many many months ago. There was something hidden in plain view about how Toronto could have been the next target of a fake attack.

(I know the hyperlink is broken so copy and paste the following two things right next to each other in the URL and then hit enter on the keyboard: and home_copy(12).htm )

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