Middle Eastern Jews Attempt to Instigate Terrorism in American Soil

Aug. 12/13, 2006 — New false flag terrorist link involving diamond trade discovered in New York. A Syrian Jew named Rimon Alkatri was indicted by a New York City grand jury for phoning a false terrorist threat to the New York City police in May. The indictment charged Alkatri with making a false terrorist threat in the first degree. Alkatri was arrested on July 31, a little over a week from the hype generated by the “great airplane liquid bombing hoax” reported by WMR (see below).

Alkatri, who owns the El Castillo de Oro jewelry store on Knickerbocker Avenue in Brooklyn and who arrived in the United States in 1996, was arrested by police while he was leaving his apartment in a Syrian Jewish neighborhood on East 9th Street. In May, Alkatri, using the alias Jose Rodriguez, and claiming to be from Israel, said he overheard five Syrian employees of his store use the phrase “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) and that they were plotting to hide explosives in hollowed-out jewelry and perpetrate a suicide bombing in the New York subway system on the Fourth of July. In the ten or so days before police became suspicious of Alkatri, there were no moves by the Transportation Security Administration to ban the wearing of jewelry by passengers on aircraft.

Israeli connection to New York City subway Fourth of July terrorist hoax.

Police soon became suspicious of “Jose Rodriguez’s” account. The Israeli connection promoted police to alert Israeli authorities and a New York City detective stationed in Jerusalem to pursue the case. Police later discovered that the five Syrian “conspirators” identified by Alkatri were not even Muslims, but Christians and Jews.

Alkatri was not the first person associated with the international diamond business to have been involved in a terrorist threat. In 2003, Yehuda Abraham, a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen, global diamond dealer, and native of Afghanistan, was charged with money laundering for an Indian weapons smuggler named Hemant Lakhani who was attempting to purchase Russian portable missile launchers to bring down American passenger planes in the United States. Abraham was later convicted in the scheme that also involved a Malaysian bag man associated with the Southeast Asian Al Qaeda off-shoot Jemaah Islamiya. One of Abraham’s chief diamond businesses was in Bangkok. Osama Bin Laden used an Algerian, who dressed as a Hasidic and used the name “Cyril Jacob,” to sell West African blood diamonds in Hatton Garden, the Jewish diamond district of London. The editor’s book, “Jaded Tasks,” has a chapter on the connections between the diamond trade and terrorist financing.

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