Shape Charges from Israel Planted to Kill US Troops

Are Israelis Retaliating for Indictments by Ambushing US Troops?


US Commanders: Bombs Are Not Made in Iraq

Laser-detonated Israeli shape charge, planted under the road,
fires depleted uranium projectile.

92 US troops have been killed by complex roadside bombs in October, 25 of them within the last seven days. American and British commanders say the bombs are not made in Iraq. Israeli defense industries make such bombs.

Although we know that the Israeli embassy and AIPAC are spy nests, thousands of Israeli contractors still work in Iraq for CACI and Titan. Would they plant bombs on patrol routes which they know in advance from other Zionists in command and intel?

Dual loyalist General Natonski,
Fallujah commander.

Stephen Hadley, National Security Advisor,
pledges allegiance at AIPAC summit 2005.

I believe that Israelis are killing our troops at this alarming pace in retaliation for the indictments in the Plame and AIPAC affairs. They want to intimidate us to stop the investigations.

Indicted traitors: neocon Libby, spy Franklin.
Franklin pleaded guilty, will testify
against AIPAC and Israeli embassy.

Indicted: DeLay, buddy Abramoff,
a leading figure of Zionist organized crime.
He hosted the Israelis who impersonated “Atta.”

Indicted traitors: Rosen, Mr. AIPAC,
Weissman, Iran war pusher.

Indicted: Safavian, procurement czar,
Radler, publisher linked to Plame case.

How can we stop the treason investigations while there is still much more work to do?

America’s Most Wanted: Wolfowitz, Chertoff, Perle . . .
and let’s not forget

Rabbi Dov Zakheim, Pentagon money manager,
made 2.6 trillion disappear.
He is the suspected mastermind of 9/11.

Support your federal prosecutors!

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