Psychotic Jewish Propaganda at It's Worse (General Psy Ops)

Source: Cytations via Rense

Zionist Myth Of Islamic
Jihad Against The West
By Impatient

“The Islamic jihad against the West” is a hard sell. There is nothing real about it–it is nothing but Zionist psychodrama.

If someone said “Muslims in LA have called for a jihad against the police,” would it add to our sense of an inevitable war with Islam or would it merely stretch credibility like Bush’s “they hate our freedom” speech?

It is Zionists who are pushing the idea that Muslims are jihadists. They are making every effort to incite the West against Muslims based on the idea that Muslims preach holy war. Liberal Jews also push this idea by saying “attacking Iraq created more jihadists.”

It is a hard sell, because what we can see with our own eyes contradicts this incitement even though the Zionists have done their best with staged terrorism to implicate Muslims. They even tried to resurrect a five hundred-year-old conflict to persuade the Spanish after the train bombings that the Muslims have never given up their conquest of Spain!

The Zionists have used their suicide bomber shtick without giving much thought to plausibility–clearly implying that they think goyim will believe anything. The Zionists have gone to considerable trouble to stage big operations like 9/11, 3/11, 7/7, USS Cole, Kenya and Tanzania. They have staged beheadings.

They have invented Muslim leaders. They have fabricated jihadist rhetoric. They have got us into a war in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have used their media relentlessly to push the Muslim jihad myth. We are not buying any of it.

To give you an idea, here is what an incorrigible Zionist recently told me: “You can wait until the first Muslim breaks down your door and kicks your balls. . . and takes what you have and forces you to kneel and pray to Allah, or cuts your head right off. I won’t wait for that, nor will the intelligent people of the world.”

I countered: “You are right. The intelligent people of the world are not waiting for Muslims to break down their doors, kick them in the balls, and cut their heads off. Nor are they waiting for radical Islam to mount a nuclear attack, poison our water, or use biological weapons. As one of the intelligent people who “won’t wait for that,” what will you do while you are not waiting?

He just went on: “The Muslims are attacking, killing, beheading. . .”

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