Explosive Residue Found on Failed Levee Debris: Jewish Mob and Israeli Terror Teams are Prime Suspects

Explosive Residue Found on Failed Levee Debris

Push For Local Investigation and Prosecution!
You Can Do it!

WITNESS: 25 Foot Deep Crater Under Levee Breach
VIDEO: “They Blew it!” Steel & Concrete Twisted & Ripped
UPDATE: Rebuttal of “Storm Did it”
UPDATE: FEMA Obstructed Investigation (in bold)

FEMA also prevented rescue–did FEMA do it?
(chain of command: Homeland Security -> FEMA -> Army Corps of Engineers)

Introduction by Impatient
When the Army Corps of Engineers experts questioned the levee breaks, the story morphed into damage caused by a loose barge. When it became clear that it was not one hole but three holes in different places, they invented a second barge. They haven’t said yet what made the third hole.

But here is a story, if true, that will blow them out of the water: An Army Corps of Engineers diver takes burnt concrete to forensics lab and explosives are identified. Remember that the only parties who lie about evidence are the perpetrators or those protecting the perpetrators–no one else has a motive to lie.

HalTurnerShow.com Article
New Orleans, LA — Divers inspecting the ruptured levee walls surrounding New Orleans found something that piqued their interest: Burn marks on underwater debris chunks from the broken levee wall !

One diver, a member of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, saw the burn marks and knew immediately what caused them. When he surfaced and showed the evidence to his superior, the on-site Coordinator for FEMA stepped-in and said “You are not here to conduct an investigation as to why this rupture occurred, but only to determine how best to close it.” The FEMA coordinator then threw the evidence back into the water and said “You will tell no one about this.”

At that point, the diver went back down to do more inspection of the levee. On the second dive, he secreted a small chunk of the debris inside his wet suit and later arranged for it to be sent to trusted military friends at a The U.S. Army Forensic Laboratory at Fort Gillem, Georgia for testing.

According to well placed sources, a military forensic specialist determined the burn marks on the cement chunks did, in fact, come from high explosives. The source, speaking on condition of anonymity said “We found traces of boron-enhanced fluoronitramino explosives as well as PBXN-111. This would indicate at least two separate types of explosive devices.”

The levee ruptures in New Orleans did not take place during Hurricane Katrina, but rather a day after the hurricane struck. Several residents of New Orleans and many Emergency Workers reported hearing what sounded like large, muffled explosions from the area of the levee, but those were initially discounted as gas explosions from homes with leaking gas lines.

If these allegations prove true, the ruptured levee which flooded New Orleans was a deliberate act of mass destruction perpetrated by someone with access to military-grade UNDERWATER high explosives.

Rebuttal of “Storm Did it”
September 14, 2005
Counterpunch writer Manuel Garcia, Jr opines on this story about how a storm surge could be solely responsible for this levee failure, but is factually incorrect in his analysis.

Yes, a storm surge occurs as a hurricane approaches land, bringing water in from the sea. The water builds up on itself and floods land as the hurricane comes ashore. But only as it comes ashore. Once the rear part of the eye wall comes ashore, the winds blow in the OPPOSITE direction, thus sending water away from the land.

Hurricanes swirl counter-clockwise. The top right side of the hurricane is throwing water inward toward land, the left side of the eye is going in the OPPOSITE direction. So for Mr. Garcia to argue that the storm surge was “delayed” (for the 24 hour difference between landfall and levee failure) is simply impossible.

Mr. Garcia then goes on to state “This pressure would work to both strain the levees–like a membrane being stretched–and to infuse water through pores and cracks in the solid (earthen) material.

The portion of the levee that failed was not earthen. It was 40′ long steel I-beams, pounded deep into the earth by a pile driver and surrounded at the top by steel reinforced concrete! The portion of levee that failed was steel and concrete, not earth!

I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve never seen steel and concrete stretch “like a membrane.” In fact, the ABC New video which is part of this story, shows the steel and concrete. Concrete is twisted, ripped and shattered. Hardly the effect of water.

Had Mr. Garcia talked to me before posting his story on counter-punch, I could have pointed these things out. Now, you’ll all just have to watch the video and see it for yourselves. — Hal Turner 9-14-05 5:40 PM

Excerpts from discussion at Liberty Forum

RidinShotgun: we still don’t know what really happened at Dealy Plaza

Impatient: The reason we do not know what happened at Dealy Plaza is that the records were sealed for 75 years!
Who did that? The perpetrators and their protectors.
Who is still in enforcing the secrecy? The perpetrators and their protectors.
How can they maintain the secrecy 43 years later?
The perpetrators and their protectors are still in power. It is the same cabal. They continue to perpetrate new atrocities but the fact that they are never, never exposed, no matter the changing of the guard (party), means that the inner circle has never changed. They are just as interested in maintaining the secrecy of the JFK assassination as they are covering fate of the USS Liberty. They are interested in maintaining the lies about the two world wars as well as the government actions at Waco, OKC, and 9/11.

The list that Exiledintaiwan made a couple of pages back should be amplified with all of the “unsolved” mysteries of the last hundred years. They are “unsolved” because the same cabal remains in power. It is in their interest to mislead the public about their identities, their program, and their actions. It is not in the public’s interest to have the JFK records sealed. It is not in the public’s interest to have the 9/11 Commission give us a phony “report”. It is not in the public’s interest to have the evidence of the OKC bombing bulldozed and locked up. It is not in the public’s interest to have the USS Liberty ignored. It is not in the public’s interest to have counterfeit investigations substitute for honest investigations of 9/11, 7/7, 3/11, Bali, the first WTC bombing, the Kenyan and Tanzanian bombings, the USS Cole, Egyptair 990 – just to name those that come to mind.

In this current situation, as Ridinshotgun points out, it is most interesting that FEMA actively prevented rescue efforts. That, all by itself, makes Katrina exceptional among our “natural disasters”. Though Kudzu has tried to explain every inconsistency and contradiction regarding the breaching of the levees she concentrates only on the 17th Street levee. What about the other two? Three construction barges? Propelled by what after the storm had passed?

Alfred Naomi, a senior project manager for the Army Corps of Engineers and a thirty-year veteran of efforts to keep NO dry said. “there are still no clear hints why the main breach in the flood barriers occurred along the 17th Street Canal…it did not take the main force of the waves roiling the lake”. Naomi is quoted about the inadequacy of the levees and the need for upgrades and funds, but his anxiety is always about the height of the levees because New Orleans is sinking. If they levee is not high enough the water from a storm can wash over the top from the lake. That was Naomi’s worry in February of 2004 when he was complaining about lack of funding. No wonder he was surprised and puzzled by three separate holes in the levee system when he was expecting the water to run over the top.

The same cabal has been in power for at least the past hundred years. Everything needs to be seen in that light.

formerfan: I remember ABC had a guy say he heard an explosion and said it was to save the rich neighborhoods so they flooded the poor. I have no idea how that was allowed to air.

Impatient: That was allowed to air because, though it may have some truth in it, the real reasons remain hidden. People then concentrate on a vague, rich vs poor scenario. It goes nowhere, keeps us busy, creates conflict among citizens, but never reveals the big picture. Remember that 9/11 was not a scheme to make Larry Silverstein richer or get George Bush re-elected. What follows the deliberate flooding of New Orleans will be something much more than Judah Hertz collecting his insurance money from his multimillion dollar purchases of three months ago. Are Jews just lucky or are Jews like Silverstein and Hertz privy to wider plans that enable them to place themselves so auspiciously?

Like 9/11, the fallout will be action against US citizens and their Constitution. It may involve a continued erosion of states’ rights, a scapegoating of enemies of the cabal, a consolidation of power among non-elected officials, etc. We will see.

Impatient: The winds were only 100 mph when the hurricane hit land at NO. That is not a category 5 storm. The levee broke at 4 am – hours after the storm had passed. There are three breaches in the levee, not one. The 17th Street breach was not on the Lake, but on a drainage canal where it did not receive the force of the roiling waves. The expectation of the Army Corps of Engineers who had been pleading for upgrades for over a year was that the lake would come over the top of the sinking levees – not that the concrete walls would fail. Please refer to this article for more information. You can put aside your skepticism about weather control and even what seems to be the deliberate bombing of the levees and still there is plenty of evidence that something is dreadfully wrong when FEMA actively prevents all manner of help from getting to the victims.

MrSpock aka Gabor: Nobody found anything. This is just another chapter in the minds of the BSD (bored, stupid and drunk) “everything is conspiracy” crowd . . . the conspiracy crowd DILUTES the conspiracy claims.

Impatient: It is not the conspiracy crowd that lets loose the red herrings, Gabor, it is the perpetrators who are covering themselves. The “conspiracy crowd” as you call it is supposed to chase after the red herrings.

You get your jollies out of watching Americans as they try to figure things out. You mock their efforts and their ideas, calling them “bored, stupid, and drunk” You put up straw men and laugh your head off as you knock them down. It is unseemly, Gabor, for someone who comes from a communist police state [Hungary], to mock Americans in their attempt to prevent the gutting of our Constitution, the disarming of our people, the loss of our freedoms, the ruination of our economy, the trashing of our children, and the takeover of our country.

If the levees were not sabotaged – and that story is just another red herring for Americans to chase after, we are still left with the question of why FEMA turned away aid to the victims of Katrina. Laugh that one off. But if I say that the head of Homeland Security is a dual Israeli citizen, and that Chertoff’s wife worked for FEMA after 9/11 as massive amounts of FEMA funds were being paid to Israeli security companies, you will stop laughing and cry anti-Semite. There are some conspiracy theories that are not so funny.

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