Jews Engage in Mass Murder Via Drowning

Mass Murder by Drowning–the Unexplained Crack in Several Feet of Concrete

By Cyte & Impatient

Update: Explosive Residue Found on Levee Debris

NY Times science reporter Dr. Andrew Revkin writes about “the 17th Street Canal, the source of most of the water swamping New Orleans” that “officials and [Army Corps] engineers said that after they had found the widening gap in the concrete wall on the eastern side of the canal, they had no quick-response plan to repair it.”

Lt. Gen. Carl A. Strock, commander of the corps, said “plugging the gap was a lower priority.” The corps is directed by FEMA. “It is FEMA who is really calling the shots and setting priorities here,” he said.

Dr. Shea Penland of the Pontchartrain Institute was surprised because the break was “along a section that was just upgraded. It did not have an earthen levee, it had a vertical concrete wall several feet thick.”

“After failing to close a 300-foot break in the canal through which most of the floodwater entered the city, federal engineers decided last night [August 31st] to take the battle with Lake Pontchartrain to the lakefront.”

Alfred C. Naomi, a senior project manager for the corps, said “there were still no clear hints why the main breach in the flood barriers occurred along the 17th Street Canal, normally a conduit for vast streams of water pumped out of the perpetually waterlogged city each day and which did not take the main force of the waves roiling the lake. He said that a low spot marked on survey charts of the levees near the spot that ruptured was unrelated and that the depression was where a new bridge crossed the narrow canal near the lakefront.”

This would refute the speculation that a dip in the retaining levee or walls might have allowed water to slop over and start the collapse.

We have an unexplained crack in several feet of concrete. FEMA decided not to plug it and let the water flow until a US city was flooded. Thousands drowned.

Have you ever served on a jury?

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