Israeli Nuclear Proliferation Part 2

August 10, 2005 — Providing more evidence that Pakistani nuclear scientist and weapons proliferator Dr. A. Q. Khan operated with the acquiescence of the United States in an effort to penetrate and track his international network, former Netherlands Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers told the Dutch National Radio program Argos that the CIA prevented the Dutch intelligence service (then BVD, now AIVD) from arresting Khan so that Khan’s network could be followed. Lubbers said, “Under the influence of the so-called Cold War, all ‘western’ intelligence services were ordered around by the CIA, and were told to back off so the CIA could follow Khan’s spy activities.” Lubbers added that the CIA told their Dutch counterparts,”Just let him go, we’ll follow him and that way get more information.” As Prime Minister, Lubbers tried to get the United States to shut down Khan’s operations in 1986 but was told the U.S. “did not want to interfere.” This is an indication that the CIA counter nuclear proliferation network revealed by the Bush White House was in operation much longer than the Brewster Jennings non-official cover operation, reportedly chartered in the early 1990s to monitor nuclear proliferation under the cover of an energy consultancy. Lubbers’ revelations add credence to the CIA’s internal Damage Assessment Report on the leak of Valerie Plame and Brewster Jennings was “devastating” to the CIA’s abilities to monitor WMD proliferation.

AQKhan.jpg (2612 bytes)

A Q Khan – monitored by CIA since the early 1980s.

In addition, it has been revealed that much of Khan’s secret weapons transfers occurred via Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport and were conducted with the knowledge of Israel’s Security Detachment at the airport, confirmed by the Dutch government in 1999 as a Mossad front. Khan worked at the Netherlands Urenco laboratories in the 1970s on the Ultra Centrifuge project. It is also noteworthy that Khan’s wife, Henny, is a South African native and British citizen. Israeli nuclear smuggler Asher Karni used South Africa as a base to ship nuclear triggers to A. Q. Khan’s network in Pakistan (see Jul 31/Aug.1 article below). In 1983, Khan was sentenced to four years in prison for nuclear espionage but the verdict was overturned on an obscure “procedural error.”

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