Michael Shipton (MI-5 agent and British Jew) and Answar Bin Shari (Israeli Jew) involved in 7-7 Bombings

Official Press Release

July 7, 2005 6:00 AM Central Time


By Tom Heneghan & Stew Webb Federal Whistleblowers

Presidential & Vice Presidential Candidates 2004

The attacks on London was orchestrated by Bush & Blair using PE-2 Elements of Team Iraq and have been identified by the American French Alliance.

Team Iraq was secretly setup to do insurgency attacks in Iraq by Bush,
Blair and Answar Bin Shari of Israel to further the Iraq War Machine into Iran and Saudi Arabia for personal gain, and control of the World Oil Reserves for their own personal benefits.

PE-2 Consists of Rouge British MI-5, Mossad and US Pentagon Secret Teams under Bush, Blair and Shari’s Control.

This attack in London today upon innocent British People was for their own Satanic Political Agenda.

Expect possible more attacks by Bush, Blair and Shari’s PE-2 Terrorist
Rouges in England, Israel and the USA.

This is all to undermine Chicago U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s
investigations of Bush and Cheney’s leaks of CIA Valerie Plame, Ambassador Joseph Wilson wife’s CIA Team investigating Bushes and Cheney’s involvements into the orchestrated 9-11 attacks on America.

Plame’s CIA network was compromised and many were killed as a result of The White House Bush-Cheney leaks in violations of National Security Laws and murder of U.S. CIA Federal Agents.

Judith Miller a Mossad Stooge was jailed for her involvement in the leaks of the CIA Plame investigations which violated National Security laws and the murder of many CIA agents. Miller was not protecting Whistleblower sources but was in fact part of the Bush espionage plot to stop the Plame team from uncovering Bush Cheney’s plotted, planned and orchestrated 9-11 attack upon America on September 11, 2001 which is Treason.

Judith Miller stated in the Courtroom July 6, 2005 when asked if she was ready to reveal her source stated: “I cannot take the risk it is to grave, this Government is to powerful”.

Congressman Conyor’s in June 2005 Congressional hearing called for
Impeachment hearing to proceed in July 2005 against George W. Bush after testimony by Ambassador Joseph Wilson and CIA Analyst Ray McGovern. PE-2 Terrorist Cell Fox News reported MI-5 British agents warned Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to remain in his hotel room 30 minutes prior to the London attacks.

Michael Shipton MI-5 British Agent tied to the London Terrorist attack, Grab Him.

Expect possible attacks in America by this PE-2 Bush-Blair-Shari terrorist teams in order to further there Martial Law agenda over the coming weeks.

Bush will keep pushing for more support of his war machine expansions into Iran and Saudi Arabian Oil Fields for his families personal gain, with possible attacks on United States Soil.

Crisis Creation, Crisis Solution for Crisis Control. Further remember
Adolph Hitler’s Mind Comp strategy of evil. Fear, Fear, Fear. False Elusions that Appear Real. George W. Bush save us from your created Big Bad Boogie Man Terrorist Al Queda.

American Militias and Patriots be prepared to defend America. Bush intends on declaring Martial Law to avoid his coming Indictments, Impeachment and his going to Jail for Treason and murder for his terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001 that has now been investigated and proven by U.S.

Intelligence agents and others. Americas enemy has been identified as Bush-Cheney.


Tom Heneghan


Stew Webb

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