Jewish Terrorists Assassinate Rafik Hariri

19 Feb: Lebanese Army General Proves Bomb was Pre-positioned Underground

Devoted husband Rafik Hariri in happier days with wife Nazek, flanked on the left and right by photographs of ground zero in Beirut, filmed before and after the micro-nuke was detonated by remote control in an underground sewage conduit. A large very clear image of the complete crater profile is shown further down this page.

Though it will have very little impact on western sheeple watching CNN, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Service issued a statement from its Damascus office on 15 January 2005, which reads in part: “A senior official at [the] Syrian information ministry condemned the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri on Monday, saying, ‘all over Syria the people are furious and angry over this criminal act and mad at its perpetrators.’

The Ministry spokesman continued, “Syria continues its firm support for Lebanon, especially in such a tense situation in which enemies are determined to destabilize Lebanon’s tranquility and security, but, God-willing, they will never succeed” …”by killing the Lebanese political leaders, the enemies of Lebanon and Syria are trying to restore coarseness in Lebanon again”.

Finally, the Syrian spokesman concluded, “Lebanon’s enemies are displeased with the Lebanese peoples’ victory against Zionist occupant forces and opposed to the establishment of tranquility in Lebanon that is playing an effective role in the region. So, by committing such terrorist and criminal acts they are trying to weaken Lebanon once again. The ultimate goal of these crimes is fulfillment of Israel’s desires and pushing forth their war-monger policies”.

Bearing in mind that this blast was caused by a highly specialized micro-nuke sourced from Dimona in the Negev Desert, the Syrian spokesman was obviously correct. Early forensic examination indicates this critical nuclear weapon was from the same class and batch used on Bali during October 2002, in a murderous and blatant attempt to force Australians to believe in the entirely fictional “al Qaeda” and “Jemaah Islamiyah” alleged terrorist groups.

Though the weapon on Bali instantly killed more than 100 Australians in the immediate vicinity of the Sari Club at Kuta Beach, it failed utterly in its primary mission of force-feeding fictional “terrorist groups” down the throats of unreceptive Australians. Nowadays the only people in Australia who believe that “al Qaeda” and “Jemaah Islamiyah” exist, are brainwashed members of the media, and corrupt political war criminals in Canberra.

In an equally crude attempt to ‘false flag’ the Syrians as the culprits in this latest deadly tableau, the western media started quoting the White House, which nowadays merely acts as a propaganda office for the Zionist Cabal in New York: “The White House described it as a brutal murder and said Lebanon should be allowed to pursue its political future “free from violence… and free from Syrian occupation”.

To understand fully why Rafik Hariri and fourteen of his staff and colleagues were suddenly vaporized by a nuclear weapon placed under Beirut’s gleaming Corniche, we first need to examine why this small country is so important to Zionist Jews, and how the Lebanon has been undermined and attacked by Zionist terrorists in the past. In particular, we need to examine why Rafik Hariri, plus the religious and secular heads of Hezbollah, were all sentenced to death by Jewish war criminals more than twenty years ago.

Zionist Jews have never concealed their plans for a “Greater Israel” stretching from the Mediterranean Sea in the west to Persia’s Abadan in the east. How to get hold of this real estate was not a problem for these madmen, who were and still are living in a time warp, where the antics of Ghengis Khan apparently still constitute acceptable social behavior.

Using the truly evil Babylonian Talmud ‘Bible’ as a war crimes guide, the Jews intended to force a beachhead in Palestine [achieved in 1948], then progressively rape and pillage their way north, south, and east through Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, northern Saudi Arabia and Iraq, eventually forming an eastern border beyond Kuwait and the Persian oilfields in Abadan. Regardless of the appalling human suffering along the way, this would give the Zionists complete control of Middle East oil, and thus control of the whole world. Well, that was the game plan, before it all started to go horribly wrong in September 2001.

Despite the fact that Lebanon has no major oil reserves, this beautiful country had a very special role to play in the new “Greater Israel”, with a major clue being Beirut’s sixties reputation as the Paris of the Middle East. Back then it was a stunningly beautiful secular city, with pristine white beaches and a night club on every corner. In a single word, Beirut was drawn in on Zionist plans as “headquarters” for the Jewish criminal elite, who had absolutely no intention of getting their manicured hands dirty in the eastern desert oilfields.

Like Roman Emperors of old, the criminal elite intended to sit by the beach eating bunches of ripe grapes, and then as dusk fell, humbly consult their Talmuds to see exactly how many small Lebanese boys and girls they were allowed to defile and sodomize during the long warm night ahead. As you might expect, the Talmud imposes no bag limit at all.

All non-Jews [Goyim] were and still are available for the unrestricted sexual pleasure of the Jewish conquerors, a religious ‘law’ that, according to sworn witness statements, indicted war criminal Ariel Sharon later enforced more than two dozen times in the Lebanese Shatila and Sabra refugee camps, when he eagerly unzipped his flies and brutally sodomized helpless screaming children held down by his fellow criminals.

The Zionists reasoned that capturing and suborning Lebanon would be as simple as a walk in the park, achieved by using cheap agent provocateurs to spark a religious war between Lebanon’s Muslims and Maronite Christians. All Tel Aviv had to do was sit tight and make sure a steady stream of weapons found their way to the Maronite Christians, who were as slavishly subservient to the Jews back then, as the Texan Southern Baptists are in America today.

In the early 1970s, as a direct consequence of this deliberate Jewish provocation, Muslim and Christian differences in Lebanon grew more intense and difficulties arose over the presence of Palestinian refugees, most of whom arrived after the 1967 Arab-Israeli war and the orchestrated hostilities of Black September [a Mossad front] in 1970. Full-scale civil war broke out in Lebanon during April 1975. Finally, when the Zionists calculated that the organized chaos had reached a peak, they invaded Lebanon in 1982 to claim their new headquarters.

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