Jews Directing Beslan Operations?

Mossad Involved In Beslan
School Massacre?View post
Evidence will be leaked showing the Jewish hand in the Beslan School Hostage Incident. No wonder Vladimir called it the work of “international terrorism” as being directly involved in the operation.



MOSCOW (Interfax) – The parliamentary commission investigating the September hostage-taking in Beslan possesses evidence indicating that a foreign special service was involved in that terrorist attack, said Federation Council Deputy Chairman Alexander Torhsin, who leads the commission.
“The evidence of this involvement that we have in hand is so far indirect, and therefore I believe it would be premature to identify this special service now. But when we collect enough convincing evidence, we will not conceal this,” Torshin said.
He said the commission, which has worked for two months, might finish its investigation by February next year.
The commission members have traveled to all North Caucasus regions and met with their leaderships and local parliamentarians, Torshin said. “We have several times traveled to Beslan to meet with local residents, particularly with former hostages, and we will go there again,” he said

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