Jews Blow Up Australian Embassy With Micro-Nukes!!!

Zionists Nuke The Australian Embassy in  Indonesia 
For the first time ever, this report shows a sub-surface micro nuke as it actually explodes in real
time on security video. The page is graphic intensive and will take a very long time to load.
Please  be patient while you wait for the official American and Australian claims about the
bombing  to be exposed as ruthless disinformation. Remember, the camera cannot lie.
Copyright Joe Vialls, 21 September 2004, updated 24 September 2004right


Once every fifty years or so, a single landmark event takes place which has the easy ability to  expose a thousand lies that preceded it. On Thursday 9 September 2004 at 1031 a.m. local time, just such an event happened: An Israeli micro-nuclear demolition device from Dimona in the Negev Desert, went critical nine feet under the street in a storm drain outside the gates of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. But what the planners did not know, and the Indonesian Security Services did not reveal for an entirely critical forty-eight hour period thereafter, was that this particular Zionist atrocity was filmed live in glorious color by a very special security camera.
            Does this mean that Indonesian Government officials were complicit in the wanton murder of their own citizens, at the behest of the latest in a very long line of aspiring “New World Orders”?  No, of course not, but having already been micro-nuked twice at Kuta Beach in Bali, and the Marriott Hotel in Jakarta, the Indonesians were 99% certain their Muslim country would be used again for proxy attacks by the New Zion’s false-flag fictional ‘al-Qaeda’ and ‘Jemaah Islamiah’ organizations, and therefore made an executive decision to try and catch the Zionists red-handed during a terrorist attack.
            To this end, a minimum of 500 special color video surveillance cameras were discreetly imported from Japan, and strategically positioned near those targets of opportunity considered most likely to evoke the biggest emotional western response, if suddenly attacked by proxy ‘Muslim Terrorists’. Though the total number of cameras remains classified information, it is known that hidden Indonesian Security Service cameras nowadays cover all major American, Australian and British owned embassies, banks, hotels, and other selected institutions across Jakarta and many lesser cities and towns.
            Though this Zionist proxy terror attack happened eight thousand miles away from America and Europe, it would be a terrible mistake for Americans and Europeans to believe its relatively minor impact cannot utterly destroy multiple ‘New World Order’ lies spun in their own local neighborhoods, because it can and does do so.
            Hard proof is hard proof, and this particular proof that the New Zion deliberately attacked its own subordinate Australian citizens in Jakarta, underlines and proves its wider agenda of undermining the Muslim nations and stealing their oil reserves by way of false-flag terrorist operations. This intent is in direct accord with the obscene Hebrew motto of the Jewish Mossad: “kee betachbulot ta’ase lecha milchama”, which means in English, “With clandestine terrorism we will conduct war”.
            The Jakarta micro nuclear attack will be examined later in the report, but first we need to take a closer look at exactly how Australia is viewed and used by New York, because many Americans and Europeans remain blissfully unaware of just how important this large antipodean chunk of red dirt really is for practice purposes. Whenever the fledgling New World Order wishes to try out new social engineering scams, ranging from simple media deceptions through gun control to terrorist ops in nearby sovereign nations, Australia provides the guinea pigs and the local logistic support. 
             At present in Australia, the main Zionist lackeys are Prime Minister John Howard, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty, who fancies himself as a self-styled Director of the FBI. None represent the Australian people, and all slavishly obey orders issued by the American and Israeli ambassadors, a welcome obsequiousness which naturally ensures that all Zionist covert operations in the Southern Hemisphere run like clockwork.


When the micro nuke went critical, blast overpressure shattered every pane of reinforced laminated glass in every high rise building inside a 500 yard radius, and severely compromised structural integrity. The Australian Embassy was so badly undermined by the subterranean shock wave that it will have to be demolished. Keelty immediately flew to Jakarta and claimed this Hiroshima-style nightmare was caused by a “car bomb packed with 200 kilos [500 pounds] of Potassium Chlorate”, which is the puniest of all supplementary low explosives, producing a velocity of detonation of only 3,400 feet per second, compared to one million feet per second for a micro nuke. Note that Mick Keelty made this public claim before ANY forensic tests had been carried out on the Jakarta crater or its residues. So, who ordered Keelty to lie to the Australian and Indonesian people?

The motive for this particular mock ‘Muslim Terrorist’ attack is reasonably obvious. Both Australia and America have elections due in a month or two, with Great Britain following shortly afterwards. All three national leaders have based their policies and thus their political survival on the much-vaunted ‘War in Iraq’ and the ‘War on Terror’, both of which are unraveling at astonishing speed. 

            Where only a year ago Bush, Blair and Howard were declaring a total victory over the ‘evil’ Saddam Hussein and Iraq in general, nowadays American, British and Australian troops are facing more than 600 sophisticated counter-insurgency attacks every month, and moral has reached rock bottom. It is no longer possible to boast about the illegal invasion of Iraq, because most members of the public already know the war is lost, and some day soon there will be a western retreat reminiscent of Vietnam.
            After starting out as a political victory in 2003, Iraq has now become a gross political liability, made worse by Bush, Blair and Howard continually linking Iraq to the mythical ‘al-Qaeda’, itself an invention of the creative Zionist Cabal. This continual linkage has resulted in a complete loss of face for the imaginary ‘al-Qaeda’, with a high percentage of the western public now fully aware that it was invented specifically to frighten and control them, primarily through new Draconian legislation. Thus in turn the fictional ‘War on Terror’ has become a gross political liability, incapable of being used effectively in the run up to the three national elections.
            Clearly then, a new and more obscure element of the ‘War on Terror’ had to be reintroduced in a way that would hopefully overwhelm flagging public belief in Muslim terrorism, which meant dusting off and reusing the old south-east Asian ‘Jemaah Islamiah’, originally credited with the Dimona micro nuking of the Kuta Beach nightclub in Bali, and the Marriott Hotel in Jakarta. If the same fictional group could be made to attack a third target inside Indonesia before the elections, then Bush, Blair and Howard would be able to get back on track with their favorite ‘War on Terror’ theme.


Surface car, minivan and truck bombs cannot and do not make craters, which presented the Zionist Cabal with a credibility problem so huge, that it arranged for lackeys in Australia to cheat, and actually blow holes in the ground which were later attributed to ‘Car Bombs’ on television. Links to these erzatz car bomb reports are provided at the bottom of this page. The real craters shown here are Bali on the left, the Marriott Hotel in the center, and the Australian Embassy on the right.

From the very beginning of its western campaign against western civilian targets, the Cabal has faced increasing criticism and suspicion, mostly because of the technical impossibility of attacks credited to Muslim groups, who are completely lacking in nuclear know how and nuclear devices. Though chemical high explosive can cause damage and even death at close range from its pure shock wave, the reality is that vast quantities of fast-moving shrapnel are needed to cause damage and death at medium to long range. By far the easiest way of ensuring this is by placing the chemical explosive or nuclear device underground in a culvert or sewer, so that when it explodes, a giant plug of ready-made topsoil and roadbed shrapnel blasts upwards and then outwards. Unfortunately for some, this leaves a very visible crater…

           The relative power of various different chemical and nuclear devices is a complicated subject to explain, and there is fortunately no need for me to do so here. Back in 2002 I wrote a very comprehensive report on this topic after the Bali bombing, and then again after the second nuke was used at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Jakarta. Therefore those readers who would like to learn more about explosives and their behavior, may do so by clicking on the “Bali” and “Marriott” links at the bottom of this page.
            Even after the two fake “car bomb crater” films were produced in Australia and then flashed around the world to convince an increasingly skeptical global public, the Cabal knew it had a very big problem. So much so, that by the time of the third Indonesian micro nuke outside the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, western media editors were ordered not to show any pictures of the crater at all. Though there is one such picture on this page, it was obtained from military rather than media sources.
            Sooner or later the ‘car bomb crater’ lie had to be knocked on the head forever, a task which was finally completed on camera by American Special Forces in Louisiana. Two light trucks were both loaded up with 1,000 pound ANFO [Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil] bombs, and then filmed with high-speed cameras when they were detonated. Note very carefully here that each 1,000-pound bomb was more than twice the weight of the 200-kilo Potassium Chlorate bomb claimed by Australian top cop Keelty, and ANFO has a velocity of detonation of around 10,000 feet per second, or nearly three times as fast as 3,200 feet per second of Potassium Chlorate.
            Based on these known parameters, and assuming that Keelty is not a brazen liar, the American Special Forces ANFO bombs should each have left a crater between three and six times as large as that outside the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, which itself measured eighteen feet in diameter, with a depth of nine feet six inches. Can you therefore imagine the vast size of that theoretical ANFO hole in the ground?

The pictures on the left and right show the two American Special Forces 1,000 pound ANFO truck bombs immediately after detonation of the charges. Seeing is believing. Though each vehicle is pressed down firmly on its shock absorbers by the force of the blasts, a clear air gap is visible between the vehicle chassis and the road in both cases, proving forever more that surface car and truck bombs do not make craters. Note the black oily residue which is already forming at the edges of the fireballs, characteristic of all fuelled low explosives including ANFO and Potassium Chlorate. By direct comparison, the smoke resulting from a critical nuclear device is pure white in color, as shown in the center picture captured by an Indonesian Security Service camera.

Though every Zionist-controlled western leader you have ever seen on television will swear blind that a crazed bunch of Muslims is solely responsible for attacking you and your children, President Vladimir Putin of Russia, and Aslanbek Aslakhanov, Putin’s adviser for North Caucasian affairs, do not share that view. In a recent shock statement not aired by the Zionist-controlled media in the west, Putin vowed to hunt down the “international terrorists” responsible for murdering the Russian children at Beslan School, and made it crystal clear who he considers those international terrorists to be.



This grainy still from the video is provided for those who may be vision impaired, but who still want a basic idea of how the black car and security guards in the foreground managed to survive a blast which completely destroyed reinforced laminated glass windows 500 yards away. The answer lies in the upward blast vector from the buried weapon, represented here by the diagonal red lines. Though close to two tons of atomized topsoil and roadbed shrapnel was radiated outwards and upwards at a million feet per second, the black car and guards were below the blast vector itself, and thus survived the detonation, badly shaken but unhurt.
If President Putin should decide to give the KGB the green light, it will certainly be time for a few hundred Zionist terrorist lackeys in America, Britain and Australia to start heading for the hills. No amount of forced gun control or draconian legislation will be able to stop Russian professional terrorist hunters, who in the bad old days of the Cold War, demonstrated a finesse that was absolutely breathtaking. No noisy and messy machineguns for members of the KGB, who much preferred a discreet approach to the target. So discreet in fact, that bystanders invariably thought the target had simply died of a heart attack.
            Older readers may remember the case of Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian defector who based himself in London and did his level best to undermine Russia’s national security. Markov was on his way to the bus stop when he felt a stabbing pain in his right thigh, and turned to see a man facing away from him stoop and pick up an umbrella. The man apologised in a foreign accent and departed hurriedly in a taxi. Markov  returned home and became very sick with a high fever, before taking nearly three days to die in terrible agony. During his post-mortem a single metal sphere the size of a pinhead was excised from the umbrella wound, comprised of 90% platinum and 10% iridium. The hollow sphere contained ricin, which was responsible for his long drawn out sickness and death.
            Another favorite was a highly modified cyanide compound, just a trace of which was wiped around the rim of a wine or beer glass.  When the target took a drink from the glass, a tiny quantity of  compound was instantly released as free cyanide that caused a heart attack, though later forensic tests showed no trace of toxins, with the inevitable verdict being a heart attack from natural causes. These were other variations on this theme including compressed air cylinders, modified cigarette lighters and other deadly though silent exotica, but we will not go there.
            Out of a long list of stupid Zionist mistakes, murdering a bunch of captive Russian school children was probably the worst. Putin has stated his intent to track down the international terrorists responsible, and I  for one think he will succeed, though it might take some time. Everyone who was directly or indirectly involved with the operation, or who showed unnatural interest afterwards will come under close KGB scrutiny, including Commissioner Keelty who inexplicably announced on television that he intended to travel to North Ossetia to “help hunt down the terrorists”.
            His choice of course, and perhaps Mr Keelty was just trying to be helpful, though of course he does not speak Russian and has no personal knowledge of the area in question. Just in case the KGB should accidentally interpret his statement and intent the wrong way, it might be wise for the Police Commissioner to stay well away from umbrellas, and not accept drinks from any strange men… 

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            Predictably perhaps, I remain permanently barred by American multinationals including Yahoo and PayPal, in what appears to be an ongoing attempt to obliterate my Internet presence completely. Life is never easy for a former combat veteran living on a miniscule disabity pension, but it has to be admitted that this multinational stranglehold has managed to make life even harder still.    
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  1. edwardmd says:

    Thank you for keeping some of Vialls excellent efforts available. RIP. He exposed a lot of truth about Nukes – Used on 9 11.

    Update: Proven 9-11 Nukes = US Government Involvement – updated cut links and links to incomplete data. Take the links marked Best to take active links in the articles.

    Ed Ward, MD

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