Mista'Aravim Involved In Beslan – Jewish Terrorists Hold School Hostage

The Beslan Terror Operation and Siege has been linked to Jews like Boris Berezovsky and those operating within British Intelligence and the Russian Mafia. Credible sources have confirmed that many of the alleged hostage takers from the Caucuses were not fully ware of the plans of taking innocent hostages and the bombs were detonated around them via remote control. They thought it was going to be a military installation nearby. Many years prior to the incident, many Muslim school children had been killed in schools nearby. Many of the men in the operation were clearly Jews who went about raping under aged girls. This is a classic Jewish terrorist operation. No Muslim, no matter how criminal, would dare to engage in such a disgusting act of sexual terror to innocent school children. This operation was directed by Jewish terror squads aided by British intelligence and the Russian mafia.

[gview file=”http://www.filthyjewishterrorists.com/PDF/beslanpsyop.pdf” width=”630″ height=”1000″]

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