Jewish (Israeli) terror suspect falls; cops eye link to al-Qaeda

This is the story of a jewish terrorist name Doutvsky. As in many other cases, this Jew was caught pretending to be Al-Qaeda. How many more Jews will be caught pretending to be Al-Qaeda before it becomes obvious that Al-Qaeda is run by Jewish terrorists?

Source: Agonist

Jewish terrorist Mera Douetvsky

Jewish terrorist Mera Doutvsky

(Manila Bulletin) – Philippine National Police operatives apprehended Mera Doutvsky, an Israeli suspected to be a member of the al-Qaeda terror network in Baguio City on June 7.

Reports reaching the PNP headquarters in Camp Crame, Quezon City, disclosed that Mera was nabbed at about 2 p.m., by joint elements of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit and the Bureau of Immigration at the vicinity of the Department of Social Welfare Development in Baguio City.

Authorities also said that Doutvsky was also found to be an undocumented and overstaying alien.

Police said the information they received from the Bureau of Immigration revealed that Doutvsky is asuspected member of the al-Qaeda terrorist cell, an information still unconfirmed by other intelligence agencies.

Doutvsky was turned over to the office of Alipio Fernandez Jr., BI commissioner, in Manila for proper disposition.

Last week, authorities reportedly prevented a possible terror attack coinciding with the 106th celebration of Independence Day.

Explosive materials plenty enough to sink a passenger shipwere seized by authorities from arrested terrorist suspect Alejandro Aguirre.

The explosives were seized before these could be shipped to Zamboanga City.

The arrest came following an announcement by the Australian government that terrorists have entered Indonesia from the Philippines in recent weeks to plan a new strategy on assassinating diplomats in lieu of bombing western targets.

The suspect was held on Thursday at Pier 18, North Harbor, Manila allegedly trying to ship seven boxes of explosives, including blasting caps and rolls of detonating cord and fuses.

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