World Jewry's Razing Pitbull Losing In Iraq?

Steve Seymour Software DesignMonstrous Massacre in Fallujah – Is Miami Next?
Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt must be tried for heinous war crimes

Copyright Joe Vialls, 14 April 2004

Newsflash 17 April: American POWs in Iraq Confirmed on Television, scroll down to red update

The Lockheed AC-130 ‘Spectre’ is America’s most deadly punitive weapon system. At least five times in the last week, U.S. Marine commanders have summoned Spectres overhead Fallujah, where each has indiscriminately pumped more than 4,000 rounds of high explosive ammo per minute into the defenseless civilian population below. Vietnam’s Mai Lai atrocity was a mere walk in the park by comparison with this international outrage, which has left between 600 and 1,100 unarmed civilians dead, and more than 2,500 seriously injured. Fortress Americas Op Shekhinah Whatshisname Vialls Home At first glance it seems difficult to find any connection between Richard Clark and the crazed U.S. Marines who are currently butchering hundreds of unarmed women and children in Fallujah, but connection there is. Richard Clark is the man who invented the term ‘al Qaeda’ while serving on the National Security Council back in 1998, and the brutal Easter assault on Fallujah, a civilized city the size of Miami, is designed to make you believe that ‘al Qaeda terrorists’ have flooded into Iraq, where they are allegedly overwhelming poor members of the U.S. Marine Corps, who in turn are left with no other choice but to fight back.
As a senior member of the ruling Zionist Cabal in New York, Richard Clark’s primary objective this year is to make you believe that his mythical ‘al Qaeda terrorists’ are also steadily flooding into America, where they are allegedly forming ‘cells’ in every city and town across the land. Clark is artfully achieving this objective by using the 9-11 Commission as a forum to attack Condoleezza Rice and others, for not taking warnings about ‘al Qaeda’ seriously in the years preceding the attack on New York.
This devious approach is yielding rich rewards for the Zionist Cabal, because a significant majority of Americans today loath George Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney and almost anyone else who had anything to do with the fake ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ invasion of Iraq. Because Richard Clark is telling you what you want to hear about the Bush Administration’s obvious confusion over 9-11, you naturally want to believe him.
Clark is presenting a very tempting lure, but understand right now that it is also a deadly trap. Allow Clark credibility on the highly dubious question of muddled Republican Administration affairs, and you will also be obliged to give immense credibility to Richard Clark’s homegrown ‘al Qaeda’, the Zionist falseflag ultimately designed to force ruthless Communist-style control on American citizens, and on the Americas in general.
We will return to Clark later in the report, but first we need to take a close look at the U.S. Marines’ attack on the civilians of Fallujah, which shows the manner in which American military honor is being steadily and deliberately eroded by a small number of known Zionist senior officers. These officers have violated the code, deliberately turned U.S. Marines in Iraq into desensitized war criminals, and marked their service records accordingly. War criminals have everything to lose, and in the future these dishonored U.S. Marines will obey illegal Zionist orders to attack ‘selected targets’ in Miami and other American cities, a situation that seemed impossible six short months ago.
Forget all western media propaganda about Fallujah being a miniscule desert hotbed of religious fanatics. In reality, Fallujah is a large city the size of Miami, located deep inside Iraq, which in turn is the accepted birthplace of all western civilization. Today Fallujah and the rest of Iraq is lawfully administered by the government of Saddam Hussein, which still has an accredited ambassador at the United Nations. Regardless of New York media ‘spin’, anyone else caught inside Iraq bearing arms but not in possession of a legitimate visa issued by the Hussein Government, is regarded in international law as an ‘invader’ or ‘spy’ who may be summarily executed by the Republican Guard, or by any other military authority designated by the sole legitimate Government of Iraq.
The mass attack on Fallujah was triggered when four heavily-armed American mercenaries were caught driving through the center of the city, on their way to assassinate a civilian Iraqi target on the illegal orders of American “Vice Consul” L. Paul Bremer. The good residents of Fallujah managed to stop the vehicles and beat the mercenaries to death with their bare hands, as would the good residents of Miami if a bunch of heavily-armed Japanese mercenaries suddenly decided to drive into town to execute a popular American mayor, on the illegal orders of some pumped-up Japanese “Vice Consul” appointed in Tokyo. But it is the reaction to this understandable incident that demonstrates the sheer barbarism and naivete of the American invaders.
Arrogantly assuming their actions would not be noticed [or could not be countered] by the Republic Guard, a few thousand U.S. Marines with battle tanks and other armor approached the 300,000 residents of Fallujah from the east and the west, drawn from existing Marine bases in Ar Ramadi and Baghdad. This was an inexcusably stupid tactical error, because as soon as the U.S. Marines closed on Fallujah and started shelling the unarmed women and children within, Republican Guard Special Forces units carried out lightning strikes on the weakened Marine bases in Ar Ramadi and Western Baghdad, destroying fuel dumps and killing 130 Americans in less than 12 hours. These facts were reported briefly by Sky News in London, before that media network was predictably silenced.
Though as a combat veteran I would prefer to blame what happened next on certifiable nutcases like George W. Bush or L. Paul Bremer, I cannot do so, for the simple reason that all illegal orders from this point onwards were issued directly by commissioned American military officers, headed locally by Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt. In a chilling echo of Communist Joe Stalin’s insane behavior, General Kimmitt used megaphones to order all women and children to vacate the city of Fallujah, and further ordered that all men remain behind. By his own verbal orders that day, Kimmitt publicly announced his intent to murder approximately 100,000 Iraqi men, as a ‘reprisal’ for daring to try and legally defend their own wives and children, in their own city, in their own country.
The men inside Fallujah armed only with AK47s and RPGs, are not imported ‘al Qaeda terrorists’ as the Zionist media in New York would have you believe, nor are they members of the Republican Guard. The Iraqi men who have been desperately trying to protect their families against almost impossible odds, are the direct equivalent of American National Guardsmen in Florida, tasked with the defense of cities like Miami in time of war. Naturally enough, the women and children of Fallujah chose to stay with their husbands and fathers for protection, though they did nervously send a few elderly grandparents to nearby towns.
Kimmitt’s original plan was to use Abrams M1A1 battle tanks to ‘punish’ the people of Fallujah, but he was frustrated by a total lack of suitable fuel. With American tanker convoys ablaze in the east and west courtesy of Republican Guard strike teams, the incredibly thirsty Abrams tanks lined up on the outskirts of Fallujah were no more use to him than scrap iron. Forced to switch to plan ‘B’, Kimmitt ordered Marine Cobra helicopter gunships to attack the town center with cannon fire and rockets. Amazingly, his orders were instantly obeyed.
Every U.S. Marine commissioned and non-commissioned officer understands very clearly that targeting civilians is a war crime – period. There are no special exceptions to this rule, and absolutely no way any Marine can avoid the hangman’s noose if later charged and convicted. Those who smirk and claim these are not war crimes because war was never declared, are of course entitled to be hung as common murderers instead. Either way you look at it, when Marine Cobra gunships started the mass murder by opening fire on Fallujah city center, more than two hundred years of U.S. Marine Corps honor vanished instantly. In less than a minute, the once-proud American Marine Corps was transformed into the same despicable trash as Pol Pot’s butchers in Cambodia.
After a brief but intense period of indiscriminate killing, Kimmitt did his Joe Stalin megaphone trick again, inviting the women and children of Fallujah to flee the town but leave their men behind. Once again they refused, leaving Kimmitt ‘no other choice’ but to summon giant Lockheed AC-130 Spectre gunships, which he glibly told the assembled media throng would use “pinpoint precision to kill enemy insurgents”. Believe me people, a Spectre does not even understand the words pinpoint or precision, and this is why.
In simple terms Spectre is a lopsided airborne battleship, with cannon of various calibers poking out of its left-hand side. When the captain of the Spectre receives target coordinates, he flies the aircraft slightly offset to the right of the designated target, banks [leans] the Spectre to the left and hauls the cumbersome aircraft into a tightly banked left-hand spiral turn, while opening fire on the target with all of those cannon, in a withering old-fashioned broadside reminiscent of the Battle of Trafalgar.
Even if only two of its four available high-cyclic cannon are selected, Spectre is guaranteed to punch a high explosive shell into the ground every two square feet, decimating an area the same size as a football field with less than twenty seconds of continuous fire. Pinpoint precision plays no part at all in this process, which is designed to kill everyone and everything within the broad target zone. When a single AC-130 Spectre fires a broadside, it makes an entire squadron of German Stuka dive-bombers look like kiddy toys by comparison.
Before he was eventually stopped, Kimmitt had summoned a minimum of five Spectres, all of which took turns to fire indiscriminately on the city center. Depending on where you get your information, these punitive strikes on an unarmed population killed between 600 and 1,100 civilians, while seriously injuring more than 2,500 others. Because the ersatz ‘Coalition Authority’ in Baghdad has already admitted 600 dead in Fallujah, it seems more than likely that Arab media estimates of 1,000+ murdered will eventually be proved correct. The sheer numbing magnitude of this American war crime, makes Vietnam’s Mai Lai look like a mere walk in the park.
Though the New York media bleated that Kimmitt then magnanimously ‘withdrew’ to allow humanitarian aid to reach the city, nothing could be further from the truth. A combination of three entirely unexpected factors forced his hand and left Kimmitt no choice. First was massive public outrage in Baghdad, which saw hundreds of Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims working side-by-side, loading rickety trucks with modest food and medical supplies for the besieged families inside Fallujah. Hundreds more people who did not own a truck or car, carried what little food they could spare on their backs, and walked the 40 miles to Fallujah. Arab media outlets gave significant coverage to this startling event, but New York made sure that western media outlets did not relay the information to you.
Following hot on the heels of this inexplicable and thus ominous direct Sunni-Shi’ite liaison, the Republican Guard destroyed a second convoy in Western Baghdad, taking a total of thirteen American prisoners including two soldiers. Out of these thirteen American prisoners, you have only been shown the luckless Thomas Hamill, a tanker driver from Mississippi, but I can assure you the rest are very real. The Republican Guard has threatened to execute all of them if the U.S. Marines do not withdraw completely from Fallujah. [See confirmation newsflash below dated 17 April 2004]
Kimmitt [in liaison with Bremer] had originally intended to replace his Marines with ‘tame’ Iraqi soldiers once the major massacre was over, thereby allowing his new war criminals to melt away into the night, but once again Kimmitt was in for another very unpleasant surprise, his third in less than five days. The 2nd Battalion of the newly trained Iraqi Army refused point-blank to go to Fallujah, telling American commanders, “We did not join the Iraqi Army to kill Iraqis!” They would not budge, and eventually slammed their barracks gates shut to keep the Americans out.
Since that point in time, Zionist American military officers have already passed a complete list of all U.S. Marines who participated in the Fallujah Massacre to New York, where suitably powerful people will be able to keep their names away from future War Crimes Tribunals, though they will certainly expect a few favors in return for this expensive protection. Now then people, exactly what sort of favors could a bunch of crazed Zionists in New York possibly need from a fresh batch of U.S. Marine war criminals? It is this very question which brings us back to traitor Richard Clark.
Clark is perhaps the highest-ranking Zionist mole in contemporary American history. After holding very senior rank in the Reagan State Department, Richard Clark was quietly placed on the National Security Council in the Bush Senior White House, where he then remained in charge of ‘counter terrorism’ throughout the entire Clinton Presidency that followed. Is anyone starting to smell a rat yet? The only reason Clark was ‘allowed’ to stay on in his extremely influential post during a two-term Democrat Presidency, was that he was considered far more useful to New York than Bill Clinton himself.
In terms of long-term Zionist planning, Clark was an absolute gem. Among other things, he controlled the flow of intelligence from the CIA and other Federal Agencies to the National Security Advisor and other members of the National Security Council, allowing him to lose snippets of intelligence which might hinder Zionist plans, and at the same time seed the NSC record with forged ‘intelligence’ designed to achieve certain critical Zionist objectives, including the eastward expansion of the Jewish State to capture and hold the oilfields of Iraq.
It was during the Clinton era that Clark seized the opportunity to invent the fictional ‘al Qaeda’, the tool so badly needed by the Zionists to frighten the hell out of the American people, and thus justify extraordinary excesses at home and abroad. Shortly after the Central Bank in Nairobi was micro-nuked during August 1998, Clark convinced Clinton to attack Osama Bin Laden’s training camp in Afghanistan with cruise missiles, an attack which went according to plan, with most of the Tomahawk missiles landing inside the red target circle roughly annotated ‘al Qaeda’ by the planners, meaning literally in Arabic ‘The Base’, i.e. the targeted ‘base’ used by Osama Bin Laden and his Muslim followers.
For some reason the annotation fascinated Richard Clark. ‘Al Qaeda’ sounded mysterious and catchy when expressed in English, so he adopted it as the name of the new fictional Muslim ‘terror network’, which in the years to follow would be used to justify increasingly savage attacks by both America and the Jewish State on Zionist targets of choice. Clark first used ‘al Qaeda’ at a meeting of the National Security Council in late September 1998, so you will find no mention of the name prior to that date.

Needless to say, Richard Clark retained his powerful position when George W. Bush nominally took over the White House, and the Zionist Lobby wasted no time using Clark to suggest an attack on Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban, and ‘al Qaeda’ in order to “control terror”. The reality, of course, was that by early 2001 the Zionists had finalized plans to invade Iraq in order to steal its rich oil supplies, and needed a suitable high-profile media diversion to keep prying eyes away from advanced Iraqi invasion preparations in occupied Palestine.
Clark first suggested the attack on Afghanistan in March 2001, and by late May the same year details had been intentionally leaked to every major ally, and then accidentally leaked onwards to Russian and China. The Russians in particular were upset at the prospect of and American attack on Afghanistan, because, as most readers will recall, the Kremlin still held America responsible for its own defeat in that country during 1989. In any event, Bush rebuffed the indirect Zionist approach through Richard Clark, because there was no obvious multinational corporate gain in attacking an already-shattered third world country.
The tenacious Richard Clark was still in the White House when two large passenger jets were flown into the World Trade Center on the morning of 11 September 2001. This momentous event stunned Clark, who for the first time in his thirty years as a Zionist mole, did not have a clue what was going on. Obviously the attackers were not ‘al Qaeda’, because as Richard Clarks knew only too well, this fictional organization had been personally created by him as a propaganda tool during late 1998. Whoever the attacker were, they remained unknown.
Unfortunately, as George Bush’s counter-terrorism chief reporting directly to his National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, Clark was the one man who should have known the identity of the attackers. His flustered and inadequate performance in the White House Basement left him wide open to criticism, which led in turn to Rice removing all of Clark’s staff and demoting him, though because of his powerful Zionist sponsors in New York, she lacked the power to completely remove Clark from the White House.
As we all now know, the White House floundered around almost rudderless for weeks, before finally falling for the rather simplistic Clark-manufactured “Osama bin Laden did it” line. It is a matter of public record that the eventual ‘reprisal’ raid on Afghanistan did not take place until October 6, some twenty five long days, or 600 hours after impact on the World Trade Center. Think about this rationally folks, if Russia had attacked America and America really knew who the attackers were, the response would have taken less than thirty minutes.
The staggering delay in response was caused by absolutely no-one in the White House or New York knowing where the attack had come from, and a response in the wrong direction could easily have led to Los Angeles or Chicago being destroyed next. But the American people were baying for revenge, and in the end Bush took the ‘soft’ option of slaughtering a few thousand Afghan women and children, assuming correctly that just about no-one really cared what happened to them.
In doing this, Bush played directly into the hands of Richard Clark and his Zionist bosses, who finally had themselves a full-blown Judeo-Christian crusade against Islam in full swing – the start point for terrorizing the entire Middle East, and eventually the Western Hemisphere under “Fortress Americas.” But Clarke’s days were numbered and he eventually left the National Security Council after quietly inserting a forged ‘time capsule’ in the NSC record. Alleged to be an August 6, 2001 memo prepared for President Bush, the forgery claims that “Osama bin Laden told followers he wanted to retaliate in Washington for the 1998 missile strike against his base in Afghanistan’, an operation that Clark personally convinced President Clinton to launch.
During the recent media feeding frenzy over this forged document at the 9-11 Commission, not one American politician of either party has sought to use the FOIA to obtain the ‘mirror’ CIA and NSA documents for this extremely specific alleged electronic intelligence. This is an understandable omission, because there are no such documents in existence, and their very absence would expose the forged time capsule for what it really is: a straight Zionist attempt to paper over the exact start point of its pre-meditated Judeo-Christian crusade, and a highly visible platform for Clark to use in scaring you about ‘al Qaeda’ terrorists in your own back yards.
The sudden rush to prominence for Clark and his new book published by “Freedom Press” [owned by Simon & Schuster, which in turn is owned by Hollywood monolith Viacom], in not accidental. For several months now the Zionist Cabal has known for certain that the “war” in Iraq is lost, and by default it has also known that Iraq’s rich oil reserves will never be pumped through to Haifa in occupied Palestine.
The Jewish State itself is running out of cash, and New York can no longer hope to support such an expensive adventure in the medium to long term. Already as I write this report, Ariel Sharon is withdrawing all Jews from the Gaza Strip in what he claims is a ‘gesture towards peace”. It is no such thing. Sharon is fast running out of what used to be limitless amounts of American taxpayer funds, and is therefore being forced to consolidate his troops into a much smaller area. Without pillaged Iraqi oil to sustain it, the Jewish State is dying, which in turn means that about six million Jews will shortly have to find new homes, when 200 million furious Muslims sweep them backwards into the Mediterranean.
The only option left in the months and years to come is “Fortress Americas”, which is linked at the bottom of this page for those who do not have the full details. However, millions of Americans will not take kindly to being forcibly removed from their homes by a pack of armed religious crazies, who have spent the last few years butchering thousands of Palestinian women and children with visible delight.
Hence Richard Clark and his new ‘al Qaeda’ media scare campaign, designed to prepare you all for more stringent ‘counter terrorism’ laws, in turn designed to make your homes and families completely vulnerable to all designated ‘federal officials’, in a series of violent Zionist incursions that will put the siege of David Koresh at Waco into its correct perspective, as nothing more than a small-scale training exercise.
When I inserted “Miami” in the title of this report, it was not without reason. Miami is on a short list of medium-sized American cities targeted for Phase One of Fortress Americas, which calls initially for local American gangs to be ‘inoculated’ with the fake al Qaeda ‘virus’, which of course will then require armed intervention by federal authorities, and lead to short term martial law imposed by New York. Member of armed Miami street gangs ranging from the “10th Street Thugs” through the “Legion of Doom” to the “Vados Locos” will all suddenly find to their horror that they have become overnight lieutenants of ‘al Qaeda’, and they will then be hunted down by federal authorities and given the same considerate courtroom hearing as David Koresh.
You can probably guess what comes next. ‘al Qaeda’ terrorist in Miami obviously cannot exist without financial succor, and a degree of respectable community support. Fingers will be pointed, accusations made, and some of the finest properties in Miami with be confiscated as ‘proceeds of crime’, to be reallocated thereafter by the Zionist Cabal to some of those nice humanitarian refugees from the Jewish State. Object to your property being requisitioned in this way, and you will probably die while resisting arrest.
Whether or not the dishonored Marines from Fallujah will be used at this stage is not yet known, but I can think of at least one other way in which they can atone for their terrible behavior. Back in the days of Vietnam, officers like Kimmitt who issued unlawful orders were ‘fragged’, i.e. one dark night someone or other rolled a live grenade into the offending officer’s tent, thereby removing the problem permanently. Just how hard would that be in Baghdad guys? You could even dress up as Mujahadeen, and pretend the Iraqis were responsible.
The problem of hundreds of Zionist lackeys in Washington D.C. is a bit more complex of course, but not entirely beyond U.S. Marine capabilities. Cobra helicopter gunships are clearly not up to the job in hand, but what about one of those nice Lockheed AC-130 Spectres? A single Spectre with full ammo bins could clear out all of the corrupt politicians on Capitol Hill with two brief twenty-second broadsides. This seems to me a reasonably sacrifice in order to secure America’s long-term freedom. Food for thought…
“Micro-Nuclear War Rages Between Russia and America”

On 30 January 2002 the author wrote and published “Operation Shekhinah”, which accurately predicted the invasion of Iraq more than fourteen months before it actually happened. Then on 20 December 2003, the published report “Whatshisname” accurately predicted that Muqtada al-Sadr’s Shi’ite Mehdi Army would open a southern front in Iraq, four months before it actually happened. These two reports alone prove that Vialls Investigations’ forward analysis of received intelligence, is 1000% more accurate than propaganda organs such as the New York Times and the Washington Post, on critical matters which directly concern ordinary American and other citizens.
In order to truly understand how America arrived where she is today, and accurately comprehend why and how events like 9-11 take place, it is essential to examine Zionist behavior and hostile actions as far back as the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, though mercifully most of the meaningful data starts around 1980, when Ronald Reagan came to power in America, and joined hands with Margaret Thatcher across the Atlantic in a blatant bid to undermine sovereign Russia and most of the Muslim nations in the Middle East. It was these precipitous Zionist- driven events of the eighties that led to a ‘quiet’ micro-nuclear war between Russia and America. Starting in 1988, that quiet micro-nuclear war continues unabated today.
This then is my next self-imposed assignment, though as usual it will take a lot of time and considerable funds to research and write accurately. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank [though not name] those kind donors who have already provided me with free unlimited-bandwidth web sites, and sufficient funds to upgrade my computer equipment to the point where I can now ‘grab’ frames from Zionist media footage with three times the clarity that I could manage just a few months ago. This is very important, because the nature of propaganda today, frequently makes it possible to expose deliberate New York deceptions, by posting embarrassing and compromising frames of their own television footage on my own web site!
If at all possible, I would like to expand these capabilities still further, with a view to ultimately being able to display short film clips in real time on the web pages, and provide brief audio takes of compromising media chatter sourced from decrypted satellite communications. Because satellites orbit in international airspace there is of course no law to stop me capturing and decrypting their signals, though the equipment needed to do the job effectively is prohibitively expensive. Where I was looking at hundreds of dollars for web sites and frame grabbing equipment, I am now facing potential costs of thousands of dollars, without any concrete guarantee of success.
Nonetheless I think it is worth the effort to at least try to achieve these objectives, and therefore call on you to assist me if you can. My disability pension is just about sufficient to buy our daily bread, but it cannot hope to cover the massive costs involved here. Whatever you can reasonably afford would be greatly appreciated, and can be sent to me by either clicking on the PayPal button, or by direct depositing funds into the Australian bank account displayed immediately below the PayPal button. Thank you for caring.
Bank Name: Bank West
Account name: J. Vialls
BSB: 306-074
Account: 0574527

Newsflash 17 April 2004
American POWs in Iraq Confirmed on TelevisionPfc Keith Maupin, 20, of Batavia, Ohio. Center blow up proves this
soldier has not been harmed by his Republican Guard captors Serving as confirmation of my accurate reporting on 14 April, Al Jazeera television has shown a video film from Iraq, proving that the Republican Guard did indeed capture two U.S. soldiers during a convoy attack outside Baghdad.
In a statement, the Republican Guard said that the American soldiers would be treated in accord with the Geneva Convention and would not be harmed. The Iraqi military spokesman also indicated that these men might later be exchanged for Iraqi nationals currently held in illegal detention by American invasion forces, though he did not disclose how many.
A word of advice for the families of Pfc Keith Maupin and Sgt Elmer Krause: Try to ignore inevitable New York media propaganda about ‘torture’ and other abuses likely to be inflicted on the prisoners by their captors. I personally spent years in the Middle East under combat conditions, and can assure you that when Muslim captors say prisoners will not be harmed, they mean exactly that. Maupin & Krause will be well fed and cared for.
Now try comparing this proper treatment of prisoners, with the barbaric behavior of the American ‘interrogators’ at Camp Delta in Guantanamo Bay, who have been consistently torturing more than 600 illegal Muslim detainees for over two years. It is only at times like these that you discover who the real war criminals are.

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