Jewish Terrorists strik again: Baghdad Micro-nuke

Baghdad Nuke Marks Bali Anniversary

Same flash, same heat, but more radioactive falloutC

Copyright Joe Vialls, 18 October 2003

At exactly 1300 hours on 12 October 2003, all was quiet around the Baghdad Hotel in Iraq. American troops and a few Iraqi taxis prowled the streets, while inside the hotel itself CIA agents sprawled in air-conditioned luxury, casually discussing who to murder next. Two thousand miles away to the south east, in Bali, Indonesia, it was exactly 1800 hours, and dusk was rapidly falling across the tropical island. Hundreds of mourners started to light thousands of Australian taxpayer-funded candles to commemorate the first anniversary of the Bali Bombing, and Australian Prime Minister John Howard stood ready to address the assembled throng.
Little Johnny Howard started telling mourners about the evil “Muslim Terrorists” who had devastated Kuta Beach exactly one year before with a home-made potassium chloride detergent bomb, killing an [official] total of 202 civilians, though the real figure was far higher, and included those who died days or weeks after the event from ultraviolet flash burns and plutonium poisoning. Forget about “Muslim Terrorists”, because the only countries on earth with stealth plutonium critical weapons were, and remain, America and Israel.

Less than one minute after Little Johnny opened his mouth to speak, in fact at precisely 1300:56 hours Iraqi time, there was an awesome screech as another fission monster from hell went critical, this time in an underground sewer located less than 250 feet away from the Baghdad Hotel, home to America’s premier spooks, and to several of New York’s “Iraq Provisional Council” toadies. Blissfully unaware of this perfectly synchronized event, Little Johnny’s voice droned on and on in Bali.

Back in Baghdad the fireball from the latest fission monster from hell expanded and then burst out into the street above, burning at a staggering 300,000 degrees centigrade and vaporizing all material within 30 feet of its lethal blast vector. The fireball spontaneously ignited six nearby buildings and sprayed the Baghdad Hotel with more than a ton of lethal radioactive particles. Someone somewhere was telling the CIA “right back at you”, on the first anniversary of its own bombing of Kuta Beach in Bali on 12 October 2002.

Naturally you were not told about this landmark event by members of the corporate media, who suppressed any chance of panic among American troops in Iraq by telling everyone who would listen that a “car bomber charged the hotel gates”, or some such equally predictable and pathetic rubbish. Spontaneously igniting buildings and vaporized cars were left out of the story completely. In fact, some western reporters may not have actually known what happened, because all have been fed the same ridiculous lie that surface car bombs dig craters. Rest assured that surface car bombs can’t and never will be able to dig craters.

Unwilling to believe that either the Mossad or CIA would be willing to blow up their own assets to celebrate the first anniversary of the Bali bombing, I waited impatiently for the results of a discreet Geiger counter sweep of the immediate area. Unlike Bali, the Geiger counter in Baghdad recorded a reasonably high level of gamma radiation, meaning that the micro nuke used for the attack was of an older type which incorporated a uranium 238 neutron reflector. Several countries including Britain, France, Russia and China have substantial stocks of these weapons, which are normally kept under very tight control by the respective national authorities.

Apart from a handful of British weapons stolen from their classified buried locations in East Germany decades ago, the only known “suitcase” micros on the loose are Russian. Back in September 1997, former Spetsnaz [Russian Special Forces] commander General Alexander Lebed admitted to “losing” between 84 and 100 of these weapons, and frightened the west by stating casually on television “Can you imagine what would happen morally, psychologically, if this weapon is detonated in a big city? … About 50-70,000 people, up to 100,000 people would be killed.”
As usual, the colorful Alexander Lebed was playing with his audience, because he knew very well at the time that most of the “lost” Russian suitcase nuclear weapons were rated at 0.01 kilotons [10 tons equivalent TNT], with only 12 of the total packing the 1.0 kiloton [1,000 tons equivalent TNT] blast he was describing.  It would be nice to confirm this personally with General Alexander Lebed, but sadly he is no longer with us.

On 28 April 2002 General Lebed was flying to the opening of a new ski line in the Yermakov district of Siberia when his helicopter crashed. Though he survived the crash, the hospital in Abakan pronounced Lebed dead at 1300 hours.

Quite apart from deliberately marking the first anniversary of the Bali bombing, it seems entirely possible that those in control of this series of micro nuclear weapons are intent on using them for “area denial”, in other words to prevent the Americans from using certain specific sections or areas of Iraq. Translated to the prestigious Baghdad Hotel in the heart of the city, this makes perfect sense. Though ninety-nine percent of American troops would be unable to distinguish between a conventional 10 ton explosive blast and a critical nuclear 10 ton blast, the Central Intelligence Agency would know the difference in a flash.

It is a fact of life that CIA personnel are so far up themselves they feel entitled to five-star accommodation wherever they travel, including Iraq. Army tents without air conditioning or showers would be out of the question for these self-appointed “super spooks”, as would any accommodation contaminated by even a tiny trace of gamma radiation. Perhaps this is the main point of the exercise. First get rid of the American spooks, and the American troops will eventually follow them home.

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