Jews Blow Up Fellow Jews!!!

Remote Control QU-22 Bombs Jewish Quarter in Hollywood
“Not a Terrorist Attack!” says Department of Homeland Security

Copyright Joe Vialls, 8 June 2003, Updated 28 June 2003

Dive Bomber Demolished SHARON Apartments on CLINTON Street! – Scroll Down to Red Update

“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past”

At 1000 hrs Greenwich Mean Time on 7 June 2003, Australia’s early television news ran some extraordinary Japanese video footage showing a Beech 36 single-engine aircraft rolling into a perfectly controlled 85-degree dive overhead Hollywood, California. With its wings rock-steady, and without the slightest trace of yaw, the Beechcraft accelerated swiftly before plunging vertically into an apartment block in Fairfax, a predominantly Orthodox Jewish quarter located close to the famous Hollywood Sunset Strip. Speed of impact was approximately 250 miles per hour.
Twenty minutes later, stunned by the audacity and accuracy of the attack dive, I called the network and asked if they could send me a few frames of the footage by email, because my VCR was not switched on at the time. “Not a problem,” the Chief of Staff said, “but why are you so interested in the accident?” I told her, which was probably a very unwise thing to do. Within minutes, network “policy” got in the way and I was abruptly disconnected. Forty minutes after that, when the other news networks went to air, the startling Japanese footage had vanished completely; replaced by low-angle ground shots of Jewish volunteer paramedics helping out at the crash site.
The FBI initially sent in counterterrorism, hazardous materials and bomb squad units, but after an urgent telephone call from the Department of Homeland Security, changed its approach completely, stating instead that “a preliminary investigation has determined the crash Friday afternoon was an accident”. This absurd and completely premature judgement was swiftly backed up by local Californian Councilman Jack Weiss, who claimed “This was not a terrorist incident.”
Just how ridiculously premature this decision was, can best be judged by the statement of NTSB investigator Tealeye Cornejo, who said a few hours later the same day, “no flight recorder has been found in the wreckage, and investigators have not yet determined who owns the plane”. To make things worse, the alleged [but unknown and unseen] pilot failed to contact the Southern California Terminal Radar Approach Control facility, as ordered by the Santa Monica control tower.
Now let me see if I have this right so far: An aircraft nose-dives like a crazed German Stuka right into the middle of a pack of “vulnerable” Jews, who in turn are located right in the middle of Hollywood, the most hated propaganda filmmaking facility in America. The Department of Homeland Security does not know the name of the pilot or the owner of the Beechcraft 36, but does know that the aircraft failed to follow direct orders issued by the Santa Monica control tower. Then the Department of Homeland Security declares it was merely an accident. Does this make any sense to you? Of course it doesn’t, because the entire sequence of events shrieks “terrorism” at anyone with an IQ higher than 50.
Unfortunately, the Office of Homeland Security faces a problem so serious that, as you may have already noticed from time to time, it feels obliged to tell outright lies. Many Americans have become so sensitized to “terrorist” air crashes in the wake of 9-11 that they now travel by Amtrak or by automobile, thereby accidentally driving the American domestic airlines ever deeper into debt, with many operators now approaching complete bankruptcy. So if even a single small aircraft crash is linked to terrorism, as was the case with the Cessna flown into the Bank America building in Florida for example, about one million more Americans join the ever expanding throng of those who permanently refuse to fly. This is very bad news for airline investors and Wall Street alike.
There are only three ways a light aircraft like the Beechcraft 36 in Hollywood can return to earth in accidental circumstances. If the engine fails or runs out of fuel, the aircraft glides at a relatively shallow angle of about 30 degrees, allowing the pilot time [and a little distance] to pick a suitable landing site. If the engine fails and the pilot accidentally loses control and stalls the aircraft completely, it will fall to earth in a spin, unless or until it is physically recovered from that spin by the pilot. If the aircraft suffers major structural failure in mid air [lost or broken wing or elevator or vertical stabilizer], it will flutter towards the ground like a falling leaf. None of these three accidental conditions applied in any way to the Beechcraft 36, which dived rock-steady at 85 degrees and 250 m.p.h. into Hollywood, with its engine screaming at full power.
So who was the poor sap who buckled himself in at Santa Monica and took off on this suicide mission? For those who have studied the Cessna crashes into the White House on 9-11 [1994] and Bank America building on 5 January 2002, or the Rockwell crash into the Pirelli Tower in Milan on 18 April 2002, the most likely conclusion is that the pilot was either dead before take-off, or not on board the aircraft at all. In all three earlier cases no-one saw any of the alleged pilots board the aircraft, no-one saw them take off, and there are no existing control tower tapes that record any of the three voices. In like manner, none of the three pilots [Corder, Bishop and Fasulo] had any record of instability or lack of flying discipline, nor any motive to embark on a “suicide” mission.

A rare picture of the Beechcraft QU-22 complete with ground remote-control vehicle

What is especially intriguing, is that the aircraft used for the vertical dive on the Jewish Quarter, is “officially” one of the exact types converted for remote control use during the Vietnam War. Modified from the civilian Beech Model 36 Bonanza under the “Pave Eagle II” program, the military-designated “QU-22s” contained several changes for military service. The QU-22 carries an extra generator to power its electronic equipment, and additional fuel in extended wing tip tanks for increased endurance. Its remote control equipment allows the QU-22 to be flown directly by an onboard pilot or as an unmanned drone. The aircraft can stay airborne for 10 hours unmanned, or for 8 hours if the detachable tip tanks are removed. The last QU-22 operational mission in SEA was flown in September 1972. After use in military service most of these fully-equipped aircraft were placed in the civilian market, with one changing hands as recently as late 2002.
The most extraordinary thing about the Hollywood crash was the complete lack of media fuss. Now think about this very carefully, people, think about it. When did you last [or ever] hear of a catastrophe striking a Jewish community, without an immediate media knee-jerk reaction demanding retribution and compensation? If a Palestinian so much as scratches a car in Tel Aviv with his bicycle, he is likely to be fined or shot dead, before the brave Jewish soldiers move on to demolish his parent’s house – after looting it first of course.
By comparison with Tel Aviv, Hollywood is a veritable gold mine. Within 12 hours there should have been strident demands for millions of dollars in compensation from the pilot’s insurance company, and then from the pilot’s parents, children, cousins, and whoever. Following this, Raytheon-Beechcraft should have been asked to contribute a million or two, with Santa Monica airport rushing in to provide free transport and kosher catering.
But it never happened, and the entire episode was killed by the media in just a few hours. Exactly why this riveting story was killed so quickly is not too hard to work out. It is a fact [rather than “anti-Semitic” hyperbole] that the largest investors in America’s domestic airlines happen to be Jewish-controlled corporations or individuals. Say too much about the Hollywood crash, and watch your airline investments instantly diminish in value as yet another million Americans decide to travel by train or automobile.
It is also a fact that the largest investors in the American media and film industries [especially Hollywood] are once again Jewish-controlled corporations or individuals. Say too much about the Hollywood crash, and watch your tourist dollars melt away from southern California like snow in the Spring. But, hey, getting the media to shut down the Hollywood story really isn’t a problem. Well, it isn’t a problem if you own most of the media as well!
The most fascinating questions about the Hollywood Beechcraft 36 attack revolve around who is doing what to whom, and why. If, as seems likely, this was a small-scale “proof of concept” strike, then the attackers have come out decidedly on top. The high-speed denial without evidence by Homeland Security, the FBI, local police an councilors, has confirmed that no-one wants to talk about invisible “Arab hijackers” anymore, and no-one wants to risk their investments any further by linking them to invisible “Terrorists” of any persuasion.
The bottom line is simply this: The attackers now know that they can pancake a blazing 200-ton Boeing 767 straight down Sunset Strip at 550 m.p.h. any time they want to, and rely completely on the Department of Homeland Security to pull the FBI off the scent, while Councilman Jack Weiss helpfully claims “This was not a terrorist incident.”

The author is a former member of the Society of Licenced
Aeronautical Engineers and Technologists, London

Update 28 June 2003
Dive Bomber Demolished SHARON Apartments on CLINTON Street!

Dear Joe,

I just finished reading your piece about the plane crash in Hollywood,
and would like to fill you in on some other details of interest.

Considering I also had serious doubts about the “accident,” I decided
to visit the actual location in person, being that it’s not more than 10
miles away from my residence.

After examining all of the network broadcasts and news reports about
the incident, I discovered that there was 2 major (and revealing) ommissions
in the “coverage” of the crash.

The first is the actual cross street on Spaulding St. where the apt. complex
is located. All of the reports stated that the location of the crash was at
601 Spaulding St., south of Melrose Ave.

When I noticed that they were all avoiding mentioning the actual cross street where the apt.’s are located, I decided to consult an LA city street map, and discovered the name of the “mystery St.” was…………Clinton St.

The second detail of interest unmentioned in any news reports, was uncovered
with my on-site visit to the crash location.

As soon as I drove up to the gutted carcass of the building, I knew for certain that this was no accident. Appearing on the side of the front entrance of the building, was the name of the apt. complex.

That name was………….SHARON.

Regards, [Name and email suppressed]

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