Jews Attack MV Limburg via Torpedo

As Joe Vialls is well known to have engaged in telling both truths and 
half truths (i.e. a classic disinformation agent specialist), he has 
laid claim to the attack on the MV Limburg as being of a threat to the 
Jews in the United States and Israel. The only problem with this is 
that the attackers should have attacked an Israeli or American vessel 
instead. The relationship between the Muslim world and France ranges 
anywhere from neutral to cordial. Therefore it is highly unlikely 
that the Arabs or Persians, even while acting as a proxy for another
external partners,would sink one of their friendly business partners. 
Rather it was a co-ordinated strike by an Israeli torpedo, similar to
the strike on the USS Liberty and the USS Cole during the years 1967
and 2000 respectively. This was done in an attempt to disintegrate the
burgeoning relationship and relatively friendlier associations that 
France had with the Muslim world in comparison to most of the other 
Western nation states under extremely subversive Jewish pressure. 
Prior to this attack, the Mossad blew up French soldiers 
simultaneously alongside US marine barracks in Beirut back in 1983
before the official formation of the Lebanese Hezbollah.
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