Mista'Aravim Stern gang Blows Up Fellow Jews in Jerusalem's Ben Yehudah Mall

While I completely agree with Joe Vialls that the Ben Yehudah mall was blown up the Israelis themselves, I am in complete disagreement that Hamas has ever engaged in that many “martyrdom operations” or “suicide bombings” against “civilian targets” inside what is defined as “Israel” but is now considered to be Occuppied Palestine. Hamas is also known to be an Israeli Mockingbird Operation, enabled with the assistance of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

“Ultimate Justice” First they bombed Pacha’s Disco, now the SternGang Blows Up the Ben Yehudah Mall in Jerusalem

“Joe Vialls, 1st

December 2001 Indicted war criminal Ariel Sharon was feeling

lonely and unloved, no doubt about that. There he was on an

“official” visit to America to drum up more media support, more

US taxpayer funds, and more free American military hardware,

but he was being studiously ignored. Unfortunately, without these cherished gifts from the American

people, Sharon’s favorite hobby of massacring unarmed women and children by the hundred would be

severely hampered. The problem Ariel Sharon faced in Washington was more difficult than usual. Unlike

Bill Clinton’s administration, which rolled over obligingly every time a Jew coughed apologetically and

begged for a taxpayer handout, George Dubya’s new crew at the White House was proving to be a real pain

in the butt. Not only were these new people as tight as a tick with American taxpayer funds, they’d even

tried to stop, or at least limit, his favorite hobby. For some strange reason that Sharon could not fathom, a

lot of Dubya’s people thought it unacceptable for Jewish tanks to shoot Palestinian kids in occupied

Palestine with their bloody great 120-mm turret guns. Not just that, the atmosphere in Washington was so

frosty that his important meeting with Dubya had been postponed. This was completely unacceptable to

the leader of the most powerful religious cult in history, which was unfortunately also being recognized by

Dubya as one of the most savage terrorist organizations on earth. And we all know what George Dubya has

threatened to do with every terrorist on every continent, regardless of race or creed: “First we’ll hunt ‘em

down” Dubya keeps repeating unnervingly like a broken gramophone record, “then we’ll get ‘em running;

then we’ll bring ‘em to justice.” Clearly something had to be done, Sharon reasoned, and done quickly,

before American taxpayer funds started to dry up, and certainly before American B52 bombers eventually

started unloading tens of thousands of cluster bombs on Tel Aviv and Haifa. Taking a deep sigh, Sharon

turned to one of his henchmen for a few quick words. Within minutes, the Stern Gang in Palestine went on

immediate alert. Literally within hours, at 2330 hrs local on Saturday 1 December, 10 people were killed

and 170 injured when two bombs blew up in the busy Ben Yehudah Mall in Jerusalem. As the first batch of

casualties were being taken to hospital, a third bomb in a car detonated 50 yards away from the first blast

epicenter. Witnesses said the car bomb exploded as about 20 people were trying to move the vehicle

because it was blocking the road. Ben Yehuda is full of restaurants and shops that are full of young people

at night. Mr Michael Perry, 37, who ran out of a bar after hearing the first two blasts, said: “There were lots

of limbs and dead bodies. I saw three dead and what looked like the remains of the suicide bomber.” Umm,

interesting statement. Exactly what do the remains of a dead suicide bomber look like, and how do they

differ from the remains of a close-proximity bombing victim? Then it was time for a flood of crafted

disinformation, a technique at which the Jews have long excelled. Mickey Levy, the Jerusalem police chief,

said the first explosions on Ben Yehuda Street, had probably been caused by two Palestinian suicide

bombers. A witness said he had seen a boy of about 10 lying dead. An anonymous invisible Palestinian

“official” was quoted as saying that one of the two “suicide bombers” was “close” to the militant Hamas,

and the other recently resigned from the Palestinian Security Services. No names of course, but then there

were no real suicide bombers in the first place, so how could they possibly be named? As most readers

know by now, Hamas or Islamic Jihad always release the identity, and video footage or still photographs of

genuine suicide bombers who have died during operational missions. There will be no footage this time,

because neither Hamas nor Islamic Jihad were in any way involved in this “uniquely Jewish” Stern Gang

atrocity. Israel’s Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres, called the attack “unprecedented” in its scope, adding

that Israel would draw the appropriate conclusions. Hopefully others will draw their own entirely different

conclusions. This attack bears the hallmarks of the Stern Gang attack on Pacha’s Disco in Tel Aviv some

months ago but this time in the wake of the 9/11 bombings in New York, and Dubya’s “War on Terror”,

there is new urgency and a desperate need to be accepted as “victims of terrorism”. For Ariel Sharon,

slaughtering and maiming a couple of hundred lesser cult members worked perfectly. His talks with

President Bush, scheduled for tomorrow, will now take place today Saturday. Not only that, poor simple

Dubya, clearly moved at the sight of so much death and carnage in one place, immediately pronounced

that Yasir Arafat must arrest the Arab terrorists responsibly, and intern Hamas and Islamic Jihad

activists. Sharon could hardly conceal his glee at this remark. Two birds with one stone, or more correctly

two birds for ten dead and 170 maimed lesser members of the cult. A real bargain… Stung into action, and

under direct threat of losing his giant mansion in Paris and a host of other obscene perks, Arafat declared a

state of emergency in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, suspending all laws and giving police sweeping powers

to arrest militants. Security sources told media sources that thousands of police and troops were

preparing to take to the streets to confiscate illegal weapons and arrest militants from the radical Hamas

and Islamic Jihad groups. It is the first time a state of emergency has been declared in the Palestinian

territories, where self-rule was launched in 1994. “The Palestinian leadership announces a state of

emergency in all the Palestinian territories and has given orders to the department of general security to

enforce the law and implement emergency measures effective immediately,” the statement said. US envoy

and retired Marines General Anthony Zinni, said in a statement that he had spoken to Arafat and “made

absolutely clear that those responsible for planning and carrying out these attacks must be found and

brought to justice. This is an urgent task and there can be no delay nor excuses for not acting decisively.”

Obviously Zinni did not bother to analyze the Stern Gang attack, or more likely was instructed by

Washington not to do so. Historically the Stern Gang (Fighters for the Freedom of Israel), was “officially”

disbanded in 1948, but exists to this day in covert form. In post-war British-mandated Palestine the words

Stern Gang equalled “terrorism” – assassinations, bombings, the full works. Even after independence,

mainstream Jews continued to regard these Jewish terrorists as an extremist and ultimately insignificant

aberration in the Zionist movement – until that is it was revealed that the Likud foreign minister of the

1970s, Yitzhak Shamir, had been the gang’s operations commander. So for the moment at least, the White

House is nicely back under Jewish control and everything looks rosy for Sharon. How long this will last is

another matter entirely, and Sharon had best hope that his comments on-the-record in the Israeli

Parliament two months ago, do not come to the attention of too many American taxpayers, still reeling

from the shock of having to pay the bill for the World Trade Center (text in red at bottom of page). UPDATE

3 December 2001. Twelve hours after the atrocity in Ben Yahuda, 21 year-old suicide bomber Maher

Habashi boarded a bus in the northern city of Haifa, paid his 2.6 Shekel fare, then detonated a ten kilogram

nail-studded plastique charge under his coat. In all, 16 passengers were killed and at least another 24 were

wounded. Passengers on the bus included three members of the Israeli military, but no children. This was a

genuine authorised Hamas attack, and full details and photographs of Habashi will be posted on the Hamas

website shortly, as is their tradition. Compare this with the Jewish Stern Gang attack on its own citizens at

Ben Yahuda, where these Zionist terrorists cynically targeted young folk between the ages of 14 and 19

years of age. This generated maximum emotional response and thus maximum positive spin from the

western media. Bastards though members of the Stern Gang may be, one has to acknowledge their brilliant

public relations ability in the face of adversity. By late today, the Jewish authorities had retired American

Marine General Anthony Zinni laying a wreath to the dead in Jerusalem, while muttering darkly about

reprisals against the Palestinians. Astonishing but predictable.

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